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A Single Dad's Journey

Welcome to my blog. I always wanted to start one but I never had the balls to. so....here it is!
Break ups can be tough on the kids and the parents. I felt it important to focus on a dad's perspective of the search for the ideal life for their kids and themselves after a very tough break.

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Baby mama drama

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

In all honesty I should be a broken man. Beaten down by the relentless pursuit of my demise by a tireless ex partner. My only wrong doing from my constant soul searching was committing myself to someone who grew very tired of our relationship and had a keen eye on the potential wonders and excitement that lay beyond the horizon.

The fact that my family was torn apart has to be one of the most challenging things I have ever had to deal with.

I found that, as a man, there tends to be limited resources to help and quite frankly guys just don't like talking about emotions. It leaves you vulnerable and ever further from the 'alpha' male status which is so ingrained in our society. Talking about emotions is something women do so well and it's no wonder that men have a higher rate of suicide than women.

I want to use this blog not only as a form of therapy for myself but I realise that it may offer some help to those who may have gone through similar circumstance or perhaps are going through similar things right now.

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